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Dispute Resolution

This is the number one reason as businesses can easily resolve disputes and protect themselves with recorded evidence that can provide an impartial record.

Sales Training

Training and performance reviews are made easier when call recordings are easily available to trainers and managers. Calls that exemplify excellent customer service or salesmanship can be used for training & motivation.

Performance Review

A call recording gives your sales and marketing departments valuable data that will help them discover exactly what sales techniques or marketing campaigns work.

Quality Control

Data entry errors can be detected and often corrected before they become costly mistakes. Routinely verifying customers’ details or order information given over the phone before shipping could save considerable money.

Customer Satisfaction

The simple presence of call recording on company lines often acts as a deterrent to all types of security breaches or inappropriate employee calls. Recordings can be used to either address a problem with an employee or if necessary to act as evidence.

Our Solution

The PBXtra Call Recorder is a purpose built, dedicated on premise call recording server that provides an affordable and simple way to record and retrieve critical business calls.